Interior design is usually reserved for the rich, the famous – or both. But what if the interiors world
was more approachable for the everyday person? It’s great to see those amazing interiors magazines and browse through well-known designer’s websites but most of us would feel pushed away by the prohibitively expensive styles.
What if you wanted to change one room, a living room or the nursery for your new baby? Where would you go? Who would you get professional help from?

Casa Seven Interior Design

This is what the team at Casa Seven is proposing to change.
Based in Fulham, Casa Seven brings a bespoke interiors service to people from all walks of life. It’s available by the hour, making interior design attainable for everyone, regardless of whether it’s a small corner of a room or the entire house!

Interior design questions
The service encompasses everything from the initial floor plans to furniture installation, providing a complimentary initial consultation to get to know you, your ideas and concepts. In turn, you the client also to get to know the designer’s aesthetics ideas and expertise. From then on, you can buy hours with Casa Seven to design and execute your project.

Interior Design for everyone
If you want to change the space around you, creating your dream space in an approachable and structured way, Casa Seven is your answer.

To find out more, look around and book an initial complimentary consultation.
Inspired to start your interior design project? Get in touch with our friendly team:

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