Coco Chanel famously said, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul”. We couldn’t agree more! As if she wasn’t already talented enough, she also had oodles of interior wisdom. Our homes are a reflection of us, which is why when it comes to decorating them you should always remember to inject your personality into them. It can be tricky to know where to start when you’ve been browsing amazing interiors for endless hours online. There are so many dreamy interior design styles out there, which one should you choose?

Interior design knows no bounds, which is great because it means you’re at free reign to decorate how you wish, but it’s nice to have some guidelines and inspiration every now and again isn’t it?! If you’re feeling a little confused about which style best suits you, or which will look the best in your home, you’re in luck! We’ve gone around the houses and listed three popular interior design styles you can recreate in your stunning home. Just don’t forget to add a bit of you!

1. Paint it Black

Popular Interior Design Styles to Create A Stunning Home

Rolling stones coined this trend when they sung about it way back in the 60’s, and now we’re all doing it. It might have taken a long time to catch on, but we’re now realising that dark spaces really are the way forward. With white on white being a constant interior favourite, inkier hues are a much-welcomed change. This isn’t a fad design trend; dark walls are here to stay for the long run.

So what do we love so much about dark interior design styles?

Firstly, painting a room dark is hands down the easiest and quickest way to transform it. Despite the musical subtitle we’ve used, crossing over to the dark side doesn’t just mean painting a room black. You could choose dark blues, earthy or jewel tones and it will create the same impact. You might think that if you have a small space painting the walls white will make it feel larger, but by doing this you might end up with a space that’s, well… dull. Gasp!

“Most people think that small rooms or apartments with little or no natural light need to be painted white, but this can actually make a space more depressing. Anything you put against these bottom-of-the-lake greens, browns, greys, blacks, and blues actually looks and feels grander than it really is”

How do you style dark interiors?

With the added drama that dark tones give a space, it’s easier to style and make a bigger impact than it is with neutral walls. Dark interiors are also quite versatile to different interior design styles. Abigail Ahern is an expert on dark interiors, bringing along a wake of converts behind her (including us). Her preferred way of styling dark interiors is what we would call bohemian – opulent, using eclectic accessories with bold colour, mixed with lots of fur textures.

How to you style dark interiors

But if you prefer a more paired back design approach, black walls suit this just as much. With dark walls you can get away with minimal furniture without the fear that it might look a little bland. The contrast of white furniture against black can be a real statement look:

Dark Walls

You don’t have to decorate your entire house dark; you can start by experimenting and painting just one room black for example. If you love it, when you’re feeling a little braver you can always transform other rooms to the dark side. This picture above is a great example of introducing a dark space into an open neutral one.

Metallics like brass and copper also lend themselves well to dark spaces, so styling your interiors with gold accents will really stand out.

There is a myth that dark colour will shrink your space. It in fact does the complete opposite. Whilst an airy white room does feel spacious, you can also see every corner and every wall, which can make you hyper aware of the shape and size of the room. With dark interiors it’s harder to make these corners out, which can expand a room and give it a larger feeling of depth.

Race you to the black paint aisle!

For more tips on using colour check out our colour psychology in the home guide.

2. Scandinavian

 Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian trend is another of the most popular interior design styles that looks like it’s here to stay and we welcome it into our homes with open arms. What with us wishing to be all Hygge this winter, Scandi style living couldn’t be more appropriate for our lives at the moment. The Scandinavian interior trend is perfect for small interiors making it ideal for city living; but it’s also great in larger luxurious spaces where statement furniture can be used and large wall features or windows can be introduced.

Scandinavian interiors are easy to replicate because they are timeless, functional and simple. The functional side of this trend was born out of the need for a light and practical space in small Nordic housing. But what separates the Scandinavian trend from a minimalistic look is the touches of warmth and texture added through sheepskin cushions and rugs. These extra features add a cozy feel and this is a big part of Nordic style living.

There isn’t one typical Scandinavian style as there are many different ways of creating the trend in your home. The most well loved way to go Scandi is by using a gentle or monochrome colour palette. But it’s important to balance the monochrome with splashes of nature and buying some green houseplants is key to the Scandinavian look. When it comes to furniture look for Danish designs, or slight mid-century style furniture. Scandinavians like clean lines and contemporary functional furniture. That being said you can introduce some chunkiness through wood as this fits the trend really well also. Rather than adding in wood here and there, some prefer an all-wood look, which works well with neutral tones and paired back pattern. Talking of pattern, there is a playful side to the Scandinavian trend, which you can bring in through art or other accessories. Don’t be afraid of introducing bold colours, this can be done through cushions or lighting, like the below Scandi living room.

Small Scandinavian interiors

We don’t know about you but we’re ready to curl up on the sofa with a book and have an ultimate Hygge moment. #lifegoals.

3. Bohemian

Bohemian Interior

The bohemian trend is a lot like the Scandinavian trend because it can be interpreted in lots of different ways, depending on how much you want to release your inner hippy! The two interior design styles can cross over in places as both trends lap up nature and this can be brought in through texture and plants. Interior design styles like the bohemian design trend are quite carefree and this Avant-garde approach to living is reflected in soft textures, rich patterns and warm tones.  Low furniture is often used which fits this laid back style of living, as well as suiting soft textures which can be achieved through a ton of throw cushions.

The great thing about the bohemian trend is it is a little scruffy, so this kind of interior style is suited to someone who likes a little chaos here and there. However, you can be a minimalist and still enjoy the boho interior style. A minimal bohemian look will incorporate subtle touches of boho here and there through a Moroccan rug or a patterned cushion for example. These are great warm additions to a room that is quite modern in other areas.

Bohemian Trend

When it comes to styling a boho room, look for patterns that are ethnic and tribal inspired, materials like wood and leather are ideal. The patterns don’t have to match and in fact it’s better they don’t. The more eclectic the better! Moroccan influences are also perfect for this trend, but in a contemporary style, like a metallic pouf or gold lanterns.

Bohemian Bathroom

Styling a bathroom in a Moroccan bohemian way is really on trend at the moment. You can choose to do this quite subtly with decorative tiles, or statement lighting, or you can go down the more bohemian route with a rug, lots of plants, and then some more plants. Using a mismatch of furniture (like this bathroom above) adds to the relaxed and slightly eclectic relaxed boho vibe. Not only that but using furniture that you wouldn’t traditionally see in a bathroom like the ottoman and tray table pictured can transform a bathroom into more of a cozy hang out. Hanging planters nod to the past, and decorative shower curtains add lots of character.

Moroccan Bohemian

So there you have it! Three swoon worthy interior design styles you can easily re-create in your home. We think it’s impossible to choose a favourite, but there’s no reason why you can’t introduce different design styles to each room. The fun is in finding out which one is more you and how you can put your own personal stamp on it to make it individual.
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