A small living room shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It might mean you have to forgo your bulkier favourites, thank goodness for Mid Century furniture coming to the rescue for those tighter spaces. But, all in all, you can still pack in as much style, comfort and imagination as a big room allows.

If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your space, our top small living room ideas will give you the inspiration you need to get going.

Most people spend a lot of their time in the living room, so styling a small one can feel like even more of a challenge. How do you fit enough seating in for everyone? And what kind of furniture should you even be choosing?

Read on through our interior design ideas for small living rooms and we’ll let you in on design secrets to create an illusion of space that will double the size of your living room without the work.

Choose Backless & Armless Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your small living space, there is no room for items that don’t earn their keep. It’s time to think practical and only choose pieces that really serve a purpose.

Firstly, although we said ditch the bulk, this didn’t mean size. You can still choose large pieces of furniture, just opt for less bulky legs, narrower depth and small-scale sofas like love seats. It’s better to choose bigger pieces rather than lots of small items cluttering up the space.

Say goodbye to armchairs. A great tip when deciding on furniture for your small living room décor is to choose armless sofas and chairs. This creates a more seamless look and not to mention takes up much less space.  A great example of this is this blue living room below; the sofa has become part of the room, with help from the all over blue colour scheme.

small living room ideas

The two chairs next to the sofa are also armless, making more space for two, giving perfect symmetry to the room.

interior design ideas for small living rooms

A backless sofa gobbles up less space, especially if your living room is really, really small as in, part of your bedroom and kitchen. Style a backless sofa in the middle of the room like this one, or slightly away from the wall if your living room isn’t as open plan.

living room décor

So now you’ve got your sofa shape in mind it’s time to move on to other small living room design ideas.

Of course, you can lose the sofa altogether and go for alternative options like slender chairs.


Wallpaper adds depth to a room, distracting the eye from the rest of the space. Especially wallpapering a back feature wall like this narrow living room decor below, as this extends the room giving an illusion of space. Choosing bold wallpaper is key; this can then balanced out with neutral coloured furniture and textures.

living room design

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This eccentric living room also includes a key feature for any small living room design, a mirror. The huge floor mirror here looks like a doorway into another room. It’s cleverly reflecting bits of the area, creating space that isn’t there.

Perspex Furniture

Small Living Room Furniture

Perspex might not spring to mind as the most glamorous material of choice for your living room décor, but it was a big trend for 2017 and is all over the living rooms of some of the most stylish people. And guess what? It can look super chic, as proven by this living room above. As well as being ridiculously practical for a small living space because it’s practically invisible, (what could be less bulky?) the transparency helps with light and being able to see through something is an obvious space maker.

Choose a perspex coffee table for an invisible look, which lets you see through to a statement rug, and also across the other side of the room. Add stools underneath for a functional style statement.

Perspex works the same for shelving. Swap bulky wood for clear shelves like this living room below.

Living room Multi Purpose Furniture

Multi Purpose Furniture

An obvious space saver when thinking about your small living room design is choosing furniture that doubles up as storage. This doesn’t have to look functional. Choose a pouffe or chest that is a coffee table as well as storage for all the things you want to keep out of sight. This will free up more wall space for something more fun and decorative like art.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Think Vertically

You might have a narrow or awkwardly small living room space, but are the ceilings high? Even if they aren’t we have a top tip to trick the eye into thinking it is. People often overlook the high spaces for things like storage and art. By creating a wall of art or pictures that scale the height of your space, you can trick your eye into believing the ceilings are higher then they are. This does wonders for a room, as it will make it feel larger, and of course, pack it with character.

Small living room design

House Plants

If you’re not filling a corner with a sofa like the above living room, fill it with a houseplant instead. A top tip for renters too as this is the easiest trick in the book! Greenery can add depth like wallpaper and is an effective way to create an illusion that there’s more to the room than there really is.

Small living room design ideas

Go small or big, like this tree in the corner of this small apartment below. Bringing in nature can give a sense of the outdoors, which of course is expansive as you like.

Small living room plants

Drapery Wall

Small Living Room Drapery Wall

This is a trend that is quickly replacing the gallery wall (never!) as a popular living room choice. A curtain wall can create airiness, height, and depth without the clutter of pictures and frames. This frees up plenty of other areas to accessorize and add chic focal points to draw the eye to.

This super chic sitting room also shows great inspiration for making a ceiling seem higher than it is with an idea other than a gallery wall. Choosing a statement piece of lighting will make your living room feel higher, perfect for a small narrow space. Notice the oversized mirror at the end of the room also effortlessly doubles the living space. They are definitely ticking all the boxes when it comes to stylish small space living!

modern living room ideas

There are so many modern living room ideas to choose from that it can be overwhelming. The key is to focus on those space saving solutions when choosing your furniture and you’ll find your living room design will come together perfectly, without compromising on style. Which would be the end of the world right?

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