1. Why should I use Casa Seven?

You might know what style you like but don’t know where to find it or how to incorporate it into your home. Casa Seven offers a fully comprehensive Interior Design service managing projects of all sizes and budgets across London. From sourcing and arranging soft goods to full renovations of residences or offices, we can do it all.

We can take complete control of the process, from accessories to renovations, or lend a helping hand as a design partner and editor. Whatever you need, we’re here!

2. How is Casa Seven different from traditional design companies?

We are an Interior Design company aiming to change the Interior Design industry in the UK. Hiring Casa Seven as your design studio allows you to do anything from rearranging your home office to giving your whole house a facelift. If you want to refresh one corner, one room or an entire space, that’s what we are here for; no project is too small for us and we can help you to plan and design it at your own pace.  We can handle projects of all shapes and sizes and there is no minimum budget requirement to work with us.

3. Where do Casa Seven offer their services?

We currently only offer services in London.

4. Can I use Casa Seven if I don’t live in London?

It depends on your project requirements. The best way is to request your Complimentary Consultation and have the initial assessment, so we can advise you correctly.

5. What is the cost of the initial in-home consultation?

The initial in-home Consultation is complimentary.

6. How long is the initial in-home consultation?

An In-home Consultation typically lasts one hour.

7. How do I get started?

Simply request a Complimentary Consultation and a member of our Design Team will get in touch with you. Before the Consultation, there will be an initial phone call to give us a chance to find out a bit more about your project and your needs. We will then arrange an in-house Consultation at your convenience. Before your Consultation you will receive a short questionnaire to help you to get yourself prepared, so you can make the most of your one-hour with our Designer.

8. Are you able to do Consultations on Evenings and Weekends?

Yes, we do offer limited evening and weekend Consultations.

9. Once I’ve requested my Complimentary Consultation, how long will it take for me to get contacted?

We strive for same-day responses but depending on when you submit your request (weekends, holidays, etc.) it may take as long as 24-48 hours.

We’re always here to help. If you have an immediate need please us on 0207 385 4213 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

10. What should I expect from the in-home Consultation?

During your Complimentary Consultation, you’ll meet with a Designer in your home. This main goal for this meeting is for us to get to know each other and to discuss your ideas and plans.  You’ll receive on-the-spot tips and advice, and we encourage you to ask all the questions you want. Afterwards, we will provide a detailed follow-up with recommendations for your space and the number of hours needed to complete your project. For more information check out this article What to Expect During the Complimentary Consultation.

11. How do the Design Packages work?

We don’t like surprises, we like transparency – during the Complimentary Consultation we assess your space and requirements so that we can give you a quote to cover all the work before we get started.  We use an hourly base structure to give you guidance on how your money will be spent on but ultimately, you will know how much your project will cost before we begin. At Casa Seven, it’s all about being smooth and transparent.  

12. What are the logistics, how does it all work?

Pretty straightforward, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Book your Complimentary Consultation.
  • A member of our Design Team will do an In-house Consultation and assess your project and needs.
  • We will give you ideas and offer tips & tricks along with what’s next and a quotation – for your entire project.
  • Once you decide to get your project started, you will be invoiced 50% of our design fee upfront, and the balance will be due prior to the delivery of the handover documents.
  • We will create a timeline of your project and then, we can get started. 
  • Once we start it is very important that we work closely with you to ensure that: the entire process runs smoothly, that we can act on your feedback and most importantly we achieve the results you are looking for within your time and budget.
  • Once all stages are approved by you, we will deem your design stage completed, prepare your shopping list and the handover documents with all you need to implement your project in simple steps.  
  • You can either implement your project yourself or make the most of our Complimentary Ordering Service.
  • This means you can focus on what you do best while we place all the orders, arrange delivery, installation, all hassle free while you enjoy up to 10% trade discount from all our suppliers, which really stretches your budget.
  • Walk in barefoot, pour yourself a glass of champagne and celebrate your new space!

13. Tell me more about the Interior Design process?

We could talk about our process all day! Casa Seven is composed of Design Teams formed by professionals who are experts in their field – each team is mainly composed of:  

  • CAD Specialist – the person/wizard who creates floors plan options, furniture, and lighting layouts, and makes sure all furniture is proportional to your space. They save you money by not allowing you to buy something that is far too small or too big and ultimately maximising the potential of your space.
  • Interior Designer – the creative person/genius with a keen eye for what’s hot in design who ultimately makes sure that your project is designed for the way you live and according to your style.
  • FF&E – the professional who knows everything about furniture, furnishings, and accessories to maximise your budget. They allow the designers to devote even more time to do what they do best… design!
  • Lighting Designer – the person who is a specialist in setting the mood of your space by adding the right amount of lighting for each area, according to the use and time of the day.  

We have a host of professionals ranging from Designers, Project Managers to Automation Specialists, but to cut a long story short, your project is designed simultaneously by many hands, each pair a specialist in their field. The team strives to give your project uniqueness, and you, the confidence and peace of mind that you need.

14. How many hours will be required for my project?

Each project is unique and this can only be provided after the Complimentary Consultation. We cannot give you an estimate over the phone without knowing more about your requirements.

15. How does Casa Seven save me money?

First, our approach to Interior Design is flexible and customizable to meet your needs. It’s up to you how involved (or not involved) you want us to be. We can do the design only, while you place the orders, or we can take care of every last detail for you, or we can focus our efforts on a couple of critical aspects of your project to deliver the biggest impact.

This approach to Interior Design gives you flexibility and puts you in complete control of the process. 

Not to mention, we also share our trade discounts with you. Many designers add a commission fee on top of retail prices. We do the opposite — we share our trade discounts with you. You can save up to 10% off retail prices by working with us. In many ways, our service pays for itself. Learn more about our trade discounts.

16. What if I need a contractor?

We are more than happy to recommend contractors that we have worked with in the past, or work with any contractor you prefer. Please note that contractors and other third-party services are not affiliated with Casa Seven and we cannot guarantee their work. Our experienced team can work with contractors and help project manage their progress.

17. Do I have to pay for my project in advance?

When you decide to get your project started, we will invoice you 50% of our design fee in advance. The remaining 50% will be due prior to the handover documents. As no two projects are the same, the timing between initial and final payment varies depending on your project size and requirements but you will know the timeline before we commence.

18. How is Casa Seven budget friendly?

The traditional Interior Design has always been so expensive because of the mark-ups on what you purchase. This means that the designer will always aim to spend more, beyond the flat fee when you do not know exactly what’s included.

That is why we prefer to charge you by the hour. You will have a list of what’s required for your project and how many hours are required. This way is a lot more transparent. Not only do we cut out the design fees and markups but we also bring an entire library of trade suppliers to take your budget further and to make each Casa Seven project look that much better.

19. How much control over the style of my space do I have?

Casa Seven isn’t limited to one design style. Our case studies show a vast range of styles and aesthetics. Our Design Team will work with to transform your space to meet your needs and requirements. We’ve done minimalist, Scandinavian, bohemian and more styled projects. Our team will collaborate with you to make your dream space a reality.

20. What kind of spaces can Casa Seven design

We’ve worked on projects ranging from studio apartments, show homes, start-up office spaces to larger family homes. Still not convinced? Book your Complimentary Consultation and our design team will be on hand to help.

21. How long will my project take?

We can work at a pace you’re comfortable with, but it’s really important that from the beginning we are aware of your plans and deadline so we are all on the same page. You might not be in a hurry to complete your project but it’s very important that each stage is completed and documented within the timescale allocated to your project.

We are here to help you to complete each stage. If you decide or need to go slow on design stage or implementation, that’s absolutely fine but it’s important that you anticipate it so we can plan the design progress correctly. It’s important that the design phase is complete so you can refer and implement it at any time you want.

22. How should I prepare for my Complimentary Consultation?

Before your Consultation you will receive a questionnaire to give us more information on your project details, so you can make the most of your one-hour consultation.

Make sure you are ready to talk about what you’d like to work on! If you have ideas, inspirational images, magazines, Pinterest mood boards and any other information which you would like to discuss with the designer, please have them ready.  We also suggest you make a list of all things you would like to discuss.

23. What’s the flat fee price for Casa Seven?

After the initial complimentary consultation, the Casa Seven fee is £129 + VAT per hour for 3 to 9 hours – and £119 + VAT from 10 hours onwards.

24. How should I work with the design team?

Once all information has been passed onto the Design Team, the magic will happen! Every stage will be passed onto you for comments and approval, so we make sure you are happy before proceeding. Your feedback of each stage is what drives the project forward, so effective communication is really crucial.

25. What if I don’t like the design suggestions?

It’s very important that we get your project briefing, and ideas accurately from the beginning so we can design your space according to your style. It’s possible and very normal in a creative process that you might not love everything at first, and that’s why within the process you are allowed to have 3 rounds of amends until you are entirely happy with the end result of your project.

26. How is my project delivered?

When the project is finalised and approved, we produce a Shopping List and handover documents, containing all elements of your new space such as furniture, supplier, reference, quantity, sizes etc. room by room. This way, our team can manage your orders as efficiently as possible, in addition to accessing discounts with many of our suppliers and exclusive products from to-the-trade vendors. If you decide to implement the project yourself, the handover document will contain all information you need to run the process yourself. 

27. What are the benefits of using the Concierge Service?

Our Concierge Ordering Service offers you a way to save. You will be offered discounts with most vendors, have exclusive access to trade vendors. While we take on the time and hassle of managing order placement and chasing vendors. This service is complimentary and does not account for any time out of your Design Package.

In addition to saving you time and money, we have a dedicated team of real, live humans who are as excited about your project as you are. We want to ensure you have the best customer service experience across every vendor you order from! Think of us as your Personal Ordering Concierge, and leave all the details to us.

28. What if something goes wrong with my order?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our staff are trained to handle difficult situations. Email us on customerservice@casa-seven.com or give us a call on  (44) (0) 207 385 4213 with your questions, concerns or issues, and our team will find a speedy resolution on your behalf. 

29. How will I be notified of updates and shipping information for my orders?

Tracking information will be sent to you via email as it becomes available.

30. An item ordered didn’t work out or it’s damaged! How can I make a return?

Not to worry! Our dedicated ordering concierge team is here to help with all of your returns and exchanges. Just send an email to customerservice@ with as many details as possible, and be sure to include the item, the copy of the invoice and the reason for the return. Our team will take care of the rest as long as it’s within the supplier return and exchange policy. If an item arrives damaged, send along a photo of the damage to the item and of the packaging.