Hoarders listen up. William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

As long as you don’t deem everything as beautiful or useful, (hoarders) this is a great quote to standby to help declutter your home. Clutter is a subjective word. What one person sees as clutter, another might see as their prized possessions. You can still have clutter it can just be organised, because one of the secrets to a happy home is an organised one.

But how do you keep clutter free if you have no storage?

We’re going to show you how you can unclutter your home in one weekend using clever space solutions. So regardless of whether you have a big or small living space, ample storage or none, everyone can follow the same clutter free advice.

It’s time to get ruthless and throw away those empty bottles at the back of the bathroom cupboard, those jeans you never wear, and organise that spice cupboard, because let’s face it they are probably all out of date.

But there’s no need to throw it all out. With these space solutions you’ll find storage you never knew you had, tucking that clutter of yours away.


Bathroom Space Solutions

Storage is everything, and if you’re lacking in it the only way to survive is by running a tight ship.  Clutter seems to build up quicker in the bathroom than any other room in the house, don’t you think? Throw away all the products you don’t use and seek out any neglected space that you can make use of. Here are some neglected spaces you never knew existed to help you unclutter and organise your bathroom bits.

– Above Doors

How To Declutter Your Home In One Weekend

Placing a shelf above a bathroom door is a great use of an unused space. It’s completely out of the way and looks good if you neatly stack your towels and toiletries. Style with a decorative stepladder for easy access.

– Behind Doors


Fitting a storage rail like this one on the back of the door gives you great extra storage you can’t find elsewhere. Open shelving is good for attractive toiletries like the below bathroom door, but a top tip for a clutter free home is to keep to limited colours. Lots of different colours can look busy and cluttered. So if you aren’t keen to be selective with your products, keep them behind closed doors, not on them.

– Declutter countertops


This is an obvious one, but with our busy lives it’s so easy to leave products down around the sink and before you know it your bathroom looks like a supermarket toiletry aisle. The simple space solution is to throw away or store away – but only if you need it. Keep out the pretty products that add to the aesthetic, like this clutter free bathroom above.

– Baskets
Space solutions

Bathroom storage can often be so standard and not add any aesthetic to a bathroom at all. Swap cabinets for baskets as they not only look great but also they can store a hell of a lot.

– Wall Shelving

 Bathroom Space Solutions

Even if your bathroom is particularly pokey there should be a spare wall for you to fit some shelving on. This is an easier alternative to cabinets and can fit a lot of products on, keeping them out the way of your surfaces. Squeeze them next to sinks, above the bath, behind the door, wherever you have a wall, make it work harder.


Kitchen Space Solutions

The kitchen is another room of the house where space can be a luxury. But no matter what size it is, it all comes down to one thing, cupboard or shelf organisation.

– Hanging Pots

Declutter countertops

Smaller kitchens often have limited cupboard space. Instead of crowding your precious drawers with bulky pots and pans, hang them up. This will free up your drawers for smaller things and unclutter your surfaces.

Kitchen Space Solutions

The owners of this kitchen above have made a feature out of their pans by using an entire wall. This is a great space solution that looks stylish too.

– Cupboard Containers

 High Shelving

Clutter doesn’t just exist on the surface; we all know cupboards can get a little chaotic. Take one look at this organised larder and you’ll be running out to buy storage containers and labels. Using containers inside cupboards is the best way to get all of that clutter arranged so you’re not forever fumbling around looking for the cumin.

Declutter what’s inside your cupboards and you’ll free up much more space allowing you to squeeze in more and keep your countertops clutter free.

– High Shelving

Kitchen Decluttering

Thinking vertically in the kitchen will transform the way you consider your storage. Rather than bulky cabinets, fit long shelves that can reach whatever height you like. Keep them decorative as well as useful.

Keeping colours neutral helps you cheat your way into looking like your kitchen is really organised. Using fewer colours looks less chaotic, like this kitchen below where all the colours are coordinated on the shelves. It may be small but isn’t it oh so pretty?

Kitchen Uncluttering

Hallway Space Solutions


Let’s not over look the entryway when it comes to a declutter session. The hallway, after all, is the first thing people see when they visit your home, and first impressions are everything.  So how do you keep your hallway functional and stylish if you don’t have one of those handy under the stairs cupboards? First things first, get rid of shoes.

– Hidden Hooks

Hidden Hooks

You wouldn’t want to ruin this glam hallway with cluttered bags and scarves. Concealing your hooks under a console table is an easy idea to unclutter a wall and get your bags tucked away.

– Shoe shelves

Shoe Shelves

Why go low for all to see when you can go high? Out of sight out of mind. This hallway above has clever ceiling shelving creating bonus storage. Keep your shoes off the floor, just don’t forget a ladder.

– Multi Furniture

Multi use Furniture

This entryway above opens out into the main living space so you wouldn’t want any clutter spilling out. The clever multi use bench conceals a long cupboard, which no doubt is being used to store shoes and bags.

Multi use bench

This is disguised storage at it’s best. The bench is narrow so doesn’t block the walkway and it’s been styled with plants and cushions for a stylish touch. Using a bench like this would no doubt declutter your hallway like a treat and you can have a little sit down on your way out.

declutter your hallway

Turn your storage into a seated alcove like this entryway below. This is a great use of the end of a hallway, fitted with high cupboards and a low storage bench, leaving a cozy spot in-between.

stylish space solutions

Following any of these handy and more importantly, stylish space solutions will help you declutter your life for a happier home. Better yet, any of these tips are achievable in one weekend. So wait for a rainy day and before you know it your shoes and bags will have miracously disappeared and you’ll be enjoying your clutter free kitchen.

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